Combining NFTs and digital identity

Why doing mail, phone or identity verifications - over and over again?

How much time could be saved by not getting rid of verifications? Forget about passwords, nasty mail verification processes and typing your data in forms. There is a new way how to interact with data.

The main idea

In Web2.0 it was necessary to share your information with webforms and verify it for every service provider. Fortunately this is past.

Web3.0 is here

A non-transferable NFT that represent your personal identity - protected and encrypted with your private key

By using a MaxTrax NFT, you can register and login to all your favourite apps.
Even opening a bank account could work with just with just one click as all your KYC information can be stored inside.

Planned launch in Q1 2023

Stay updated for upcoming news and the launch in late 2022 with the first integration projects. Contact us if your business could be a potential integration partner.


Top reasons to use our authorisation app

Decentralized sensitive data

No private data will ever be stored on MaxTrax. It will stay 100% encrypted in your NFT - on IPFS. Only your private key that protects your wallet funds will be able to decrypt it.

Share only what is needed

Service providers may need your private data for compliance or fulfillment. They will ask you to decrypt only the necessary data from you. Your data are your property.

Register in apps with 1 Click

Some applications may require a verified email address or phone number. With a MaxTrax NFT you can provide all required data with only one click!

Easy to Integrate

MaxTrax was built by CPI Technologies, the leading Web3.0 development company in Europe. From developers, for developers.

and more...

The minting process

Mint your first MaxTrax NFT in 3 easy steps

Mint your MaxTrax-NFT and use decentralized challenge-providers fill it with pre-verifications. A challenge provider is accepted by the dAuth-DAO and an authorized challange-signer in the smart contract. This can by any service, KYC-provider, notary or other trustworthy party.

Connect your Wallet and perform your first challange e.g. verify your mail and never do it again!

Receive your MaxTrax NFT with personal data (encrypted) inside

Login or verify at any service with one click

It's done!& you'll never use email & password again

Using common standards

Now you can use your MaxTrax NFT right next to your favourite artwork in your wallet. Use your favorite NFT as profile picture!

Your identity is priceless. And needs to be protected!

The MaxTrax NFT is not sellable or transfareable. You can provide an emergency contact, that can always invalidate your identity on behalf of you.

Made by developers for developers.

Never think about verification of users again.

Never ever deal with support tickets of users not receiving verification mails. Never ever deal with developing boring verification processes that neither you or your users like.